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As a little girl, I was blessed with a matriarchal family where the gift of the "Pure Sight" and commitment to help our people had been passed on from generation to generation. The "Sight" was a gift, yes, but the reason why I was so lucky is that my family helped me grow, develop it and embrace it. I will help you listen to your inner self and not to doubt the universe because they are in place to help us.   I was born into it, as master themselves, my mother and grandmother raised me into since I was a small child and I could not be more thankful. When I was 17 however, I went on by myself to spend years in mystical both in India and Tibet. I just wanted to embrace more, to learn more, to love more... for this great gift we have, we must use. Joy is the only goal. My personal philosophy centers on the fact that we all have the strength, ability and the power to change things in our lives, so my aim is to inspire and ignite that fire within you. I want my clients to trust me, not only as a psychic but as a person who they can confide in at their most crucial time of need. I also want them to look at their destiny in a new light, with joy, peace and confidence in themselves.   Not once I'd been afraid of my powers, because although they are simply too strong to go unnoticed and as a child kind of made me different, the fact that I could use them to bring joy, life direction. I'm here with you now, for a very simple but beautiful reason, because I am called to show you what I see an endless realm of opportunities where you can truly obtain what you most desire. I have many ways to express the Supreme Light depending on your needs... Some people need to hear the voice of the sacred crystals, others to have a good "Guided tour" with one of my angels or maybe just to connect with the power of the tarots.   But we all have one thing in common: We are creatures of light destined to live a life full of happiness and love... No one excluded. Let me show you... Let me take your hand... You might just be trapped in a dark room, but that doesn't mean that your garden of bliss is not just on the other side of the door waiting for you... I believe that psychic reading should bring peace and guidance. Life should be celebrated and joyful, not stressful and depressing. Psychic reading should bring hope and never fear or confusion. I hope everyone who reads with me walks away with hope, clarity and a better understanding of their situation. I want to make sure you know how to fix what needs to be fixed.   Over the two years I spent in the retreat and life center in India I have personally helped many celebrities and politicians from all over the world, they came to me with bare feet and an open heart and through my light work I can say to have helped the world. I recently moved to Australia to begin my new chapter, I now want to be able to be reached by all of you, you won't have to march a "million and one steps" to come to me...I'm right here. Sacred Blessing to you all.  


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